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This is a Volume Pills Review which is based on real life experiences, and I want to let you know a little bit more about the advantages and disadvantages of using this male enhancement product and how it could benefit you.

Read below and find out why I have been DISAPPOINTED by Volume Pills!


Volume Pills Review – Introduction

Volume Pills is one of the top alternative semen enhancing products on the market and contains a number of natural ingredients which can help to improve sexual potency.

You only need to take one dosage a day which makes this treatment easy to fit in around your normal schedule. In this Volume Pills Review I will be going through the product ingredients in more detail and telling you how this product can benefit your overall libido and sexual function.

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Volume Pills Ingredients

Volume Pills has been developed by a leading herbalist G.Alexander and has been carefully formulated from cGMP-certified ingredients to improve sexual confidence and performance, and is a potent blend which offers fast, effective results.

For this Volume Pills Review I want to just briefly outline the main ingredients in Volume Pills and how they work to increase semen production and sexual stamina.

Volume Pills contains powerful active compounds such as Solidilin, and this works as a stimulator that can boost sexual function and increase libido.

Other ingredients such as Xi Lan Rou Gui and Hong Hua Fen have been used for many years as vasodilators and improve the size and strength of erections by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. This also enables more sperm to be delivered during orgasm which makes sex much more pleasurable and increases sexual potency.

Other ingredients that are worth a mention in this Volume Pills Review are Ku Gua and Xian Mao, which again have been used for years to improve sexual function and work to increase testosterone production and boost sex drive.

Also included in Volume Pills is the vital mineral zinc, which is essential for many bodily functions including healthy sperm development.



My Results

After around two months of using this treatment I can report in my Volume Pills Review that I was very happy with the results.

Although I was a bit skeptical about the claims of the semen enhancing effects I did notice that my erections where much more impressive and the volume of my semen was significantly improved.

This has given me a real boost of confidence and I have found sex so much more pleasurable and enjoyable since taking the Volume Pills treatment.



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Volume Pills Review – Advantages

  • Carefully balanced formula of fast acting, powerful natural ingredients
  • This product can be bought over the counter so no need for a prescription
  • Fast acting, visible results after just a few weeks
  • Six month guarantee offered on all Volume Pills to ensure quality
  • Worldwide shipping available from official website
  • 100% Money back Guarantee
  • Good Selection of Bonuses
  • Discounts Available

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Volume Pills Disadvantages

  • This treatment can take longer for some people, so you do have to stick with the treatment
  • Other alternative medicines can reduce the effectiveness of Volume Pills, so it is a good idea to stop any unnecessary supplements in the first few weeks of using this product for the best effects.


Ok, here’s the reason why i have been disappointed.

I started using this product after reading positive Volume Pills Reviews about the fast acting effects, but at first I was disappointed as even after taking the Volume Pills for a few weeks nothing seemed to be happening.

However I did see some Volume Pills Reviews which said the natural ingredients in this product can sometimes take longer to show results, so I kept taking the treatment and after the fifth week I did start to see some visible results.

I also realized that my sex drive had been slowly increasing all along, and I felt much more interested and ready for sex than I had done in years.


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I hope you’ve found this Volume Pills Review helpful!

Volume Pills Reviews4.5Victor White2014-09-14 09:31:10This article is about Volume Pills Reviews, click below if you are looking for:
Volume Pills Official Website

This is a Volume Pills Review…

Volume PillsVolume Pills ReviewsThis article is about Volume Pills Reviews, click below if you are looking for:
Volume Pills Official Website

This is a Volume Pills Review…

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May 6, 2011

umran @ 7:34 pm #

I am in Saudi Arabia

I need two packs Volume pills

How way to get finished products

May 8, 2011

Catherine J @ 3:49 pm #

Hi Victor

I was reading those reviews in Internet, found you by accident.I am searching pills for my husband to increase his semen, his semen count was just 12 millions which brand of pill do you advise, as you said you do many pills review,hope you can give me honest advise,also he is a heavy smoker, also drink a little, should he stop them before taking any pills?

Thanks a lot

May 10, 2011
June 20, 2011

Rishin Chaudhuri @ 6:45 am #

Hi Victor,

It was nice to see your review on Volume Pills. I have ordered a one-year supply of Volume Pills from their official website. In many of the internet reviews, they say that you have to take 2 pills a day, half an hour before a meal. But, in your review, you said that one have to take one dosage a day.

I am not sure how many pills the entire content of 1 year supply has, as it is yet to be delivered at my door-step. I was going through some reviews and came by yours.

Can you please suggest, about the dosage of the pills. For your info, I don't smoke and drink and try to follow a normal diet.

Appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,


June 22, 2011
July 25, 2011

datus benjamin @ 12:33 pm #

Hi Victor,

I am trying to start a family recently after visiting my doctor was told my sperm count is low and was adviced to eat healthy and also had was adviced to stop some prescribed pressure medication that i had been taking for almost 2 years.My question is whats your advice in taking Volume Pills on such a situation ???


July 26, 2011
July 27, 2011

leigh @ 6:11 pm #

Hi victor does your free PEE e book really work as dont want 2 fuck up my penis you no please messege me bk thanks.

November 2, 2011

Venkat @ 5:48 pm #

I want to use volume pills for increasing desire + semen volume which u suggest best.

Due to overmasturbation i lost interest in sex. Purchased 4months vigrxplus but its for penis increse i really need to increase semen and sexual stamina, desire.

November 25, 2011

Akash @ 8:26 am #

I want to increase sexual desire and ready for sex 2-3times daily. Can u suggest which pills best to get results.

Married 1year 23age. Please suggest good pills.

Akash @ 8:26 am #

Sorry and also need to stay longer.

November 27, 2011

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