How To Last Longer – A Brief Guide


Are you a man that wishes he could last longer in bed? I am sure you consider this question to be an obtuse one. After all, what men would not prefer to last longer. No one would want to suffer from the serious problem of premature ejaculation. This is why it is best to look towards reliable methods which can be employed to improve staying power in bed.

And premature ejaculation is a serious problem. Men that suffer from premature ejaculation will also suffer from embarrassment and self-esteem related hangups. When left untreated, premature ejaculation can also cause various relationship problems. This is why issues surrounding the condition should not be ignored.

For those men with such concerns, there are a few common tried and true methods which can increase your potential to last longer in bed. Many of these methods are not even very difficult to employ.

Here is a brief look at a few of common how to last longer methods:

Gain better control
last longerThe first approach to take would be to gain better control of your mind during sexual intercourse. When you are too lost in the moment and are concentrating on the act itself, you will find yourself approaching an orgasm far quicker than you would prefer.

If you tried to drift your mind away from the act itself even though you are still performing. This may seem like an odd approach to intimacy but it is only intended to be performed as a means of forestalling orgasm. Once you have dulled the sensation, you can return your mind to the present moment..

The mind never stops working and the subconscious could cause sexual performance problems. This is why anxiety and depression can cause serious issues with being able to last longer in bed. While somewhat easier said than done, you may have to explore treatments for mental healthy to reverse psychological problems impacting your performance.

Male Enhancement Exercises
The mind is not all that needs to be addressed. Physical male enhancement exercises can help you improve your performance.

For example, there are masturbatory practices which can aid in helping you last longer during sexual intercourse. Such exercises are relatively simple and can be performed in a short period of time.

The most common method would be the “Start and Stop” approach. The way this process works is that a man can masturbate to the point of orgasm, stop and allow the erection to subside, and then repeat the process.

The goal of these exercises is to enhance your ability to hold and control your ability to orgasm. In time, you could even develop the ability to orgasm when you desire to and not before.

The “Start and Stop” method can be employed during sexual intercourse as well. As you feel orgasm approaching, you will need to slow down and let it subside. However, you do not want your erection to subside as would be the case with the manual exercise.

Gaining control of your breathing can contribute to controlling your orgasms. Commonly, respiration will become labored as an orgasm approaches. Slowing down and gaining control of your breathing could be yet another helpful strategy for those that wish to last longer.

If you do orgasm too soon, you just need to be mindful of the fact that your next orgasm will likely take much longer to achieve. Consider this “second performance” to be natures way of allowing you to last longer.

For those seeking a helpful product, there are dulling creams that can be applied to the penis for the express purpose of reducing the sensitivity of the organ. Granted, most men would find such a product to be decidedly unappealing. However, it could prove to be a great help when no other approach seems to be working.

Lasting longer in bed is not as difficult as some may assume it to be. Often, men will become overwhelmed with sexual problems they experience which is why they will be less inclined to seek information on how to address the problem.

That is unfortunate because there will commonly be easy to apply solutions which can reverse common problems associated with being able to last longer during intercourse.

How To Last Longer – A Brief GuideunratedVictor White2011-12-10 07:31:12Are you a man that wishes he could last longer in bed? I am sure you consider this question to be an obtuse one. After all, what men would not prefer …
How ToHow To Last Longer – A Brief GuideAre you a man that wishes he could last longer in bed? I am sure you consider this question to be an obtuse one. After all, what men would not prefer …

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